All I Can Say is, “WOW!”

Tonight is the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games 2016. It has been an incredible 2 weeks of competitive sport of the highest order, played in a wonderful spirit among all the competitors and athletes.

But, as a British man, I must single out, if I am to single out any team for special praise, TeamGB for pulling off the greatest performance by the team in 108 years! Never in history has a host nation gone on to improve upon their hosting performance at the next games. And, never, since 1984, have TeamGB ever finished in front of China in the overall medals table, until now! What a team! What a games! A huge congratulations to every single team member for a fantastic team effort.

Team GB Medal Table (Top 10)

Like the London Games four years ago, my memory is overwhelmed by some staggering individual performances, Usain Bolt’s Triple Treble of Golds, and Mo Farrah’s Double Double, to name but two. London gave us 65 medals total, with 29 Golds. Rio surpassed the total by one (with, as at time of publish, one further guaranteed at least silver medal to come), but fell short of Golds by 2.

Can TeamGB beat that in Tokyo 2020?! I really do believe so. The trend is upward since Beijing 2008, and we blasted that games out of the water this time!

So, what has these games meant for me? Well, it has blown me away with just what a human being can achieve when pushed to extremes, and it has inspired my kids to give some of these sports a serious go. As a former sportsperson, who is married to a former gymnast, the level of inspiration in my kids is thrilling.

The next entry will be somewhat less sporty as the dust on these Olympic Games settles. Until next time…………