Summer is Icummin In……

The kids are on holiday from School and nursery, and thus far, the Scottish weather has been mostly……predictable. Nevertheless, we have been having a lot of fun building “film sets” with duplo and lego blocks for all the kids’ Star Wars and Police lego sets to interact. It has kept them amused for literally HOURS! The kids have been getting into playing on the Wii Fit, trying to out-do each other for setting time records, speed records and bizarrely, their new favourite – ski jumping distances!

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying promoting my EP and being a domestic deity, and returning to making mixing and mastering tutorial videos for my studio YouTube Channel. My good friend Johnny Geib and I have been finally getting out some podcast episodes for our Songwriting Simplified Podcast (which can be found HERE).

Having really enjoyed the entire process of making my EP, I am already finding the itch to write for the next one is needing scratched! I had originally planned that from now on, I would release one 5 song EP every year, and a full 9 or 10 song album every couple of years or so. We’ll see how that goes!

My EP, called Belonging To Tomorrow, is available from HERE, and looks like this:


With thanks to the awesome Mr George Gibson for his graphics and artwork.

Sorry this is a short one….again, but with the kids being at home, life has become extra busy!

Until next time………….