New Year, New Era….

Happy New Year, belatedly, to all my readers! Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings, rants and musings over the last year. I appreciate your support, and I value your comments on the things I write about, so please keep them coming.

2016 has got off to a racing start! The decorations are down, the kids are back at school, and our normal routines are re-established. In some ways, this year will be just like last year, but there are some exciting new things on the horizon for us.

We also have to finally close the book on our life connected to Cornwall. At last, my parents have finally found a buyer for their house and will very soon by moving up to Scotland to be much closer to us! That is exciting, and we are seriously glad it is happening, but there is a wee tinge of sadness about this book coming to an end. Cornwall has been a MASSIVE part of my life, even though I left there in 1994, I have regularly summered there. I began my music career there. I had the best music teachers in Bob Peters and John Austin, who encouraged and inspired me enormously. I would possibly not be doing what I do now, if it had not been for them. I was encouraged by my Dad to get into Cricket at a very early age, and, down in Cornwall, I had some great coaches who provided some wonderful opportunities for me to play for my local club and explore playing at county level. Although I no longer play the sport, due to a number of injuries, I still love to watch and write about Cricket. If I could name but two of those coaches, I would like to thank Nigel Bishop and Dennis Roberts for encouraging me and giving me chance to shine.

On the studio front, I am working with a client on his forthcoming EP, I am continuing to work closely with Johnny Geib developing songwriting training resources and content and I am also working on my own EP, which I am aiming to release in the Spring this year. I am looking to fill my diary with a lot more clients this year and really develop the business in to a successful profit-making concern.

2016 is shaping up to be an amazing year! We are looking forward to seeing all that God will do in and through us as a family, and all the adventures we can get ourselves caught up in! If that interests you – and I will be documenting it all right here – then, please, follow me! Subscribe to this blog, my studio YouTube Channel, check out my Studio website HERE…….AND….please leave your comments!

Until next time…….See ya!