Wrap and Launch!

It has been very busy again here at Lipsham Manor. My wife Cate has been on holiday the last few days. It has been fab having her around and the kids are loving every minute of it! Our bank balance has not though!

I have mastered my client’s jazz record and it has been manufactured at the duplicators. The CDs sound really good! The highlight of the weekend has to be attending the launch party for the album. Pictured below are the CD covers of the album “Jazz and Whisky” and the single “Lisa”, and me with my very happy client:

Pete Lo album launch picMe and Pete Lo

My happy client, who is also the artist who created the CD covers, gave me this canvas of the album cover:

Pete Lo Album CanvasWhich, as you can see, has pride of place in my Studio!

Here’s a shot of it from my mix position:

Pete Lo Album Canvas (Long shot)

What a very generous gift!

Next up for Clan Lipsham: A weekend trip to sunny Manchester! The next update will come as soon as we get back. Until then…….


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