Busyness and Business

Holidays are in full swing here in Lipshamland. Anna and Sam are thoroughly enjoying each others company and having lots of fun together. Both of them are becoming very handy bike riders. Anna no longer has stabilisers and rides around pretty quickly and with a lot of confidence now. Sam still loves his balance bike, and rides it really well. I won’t be long before he will want to ride a bike with pedals. Watch out, bank balance!

Yesterday we enjoyed a very nice BBQ with our church family at Kings Church Edinburgh. We all piled into various cars and headed off to Vogrie Country Park, which has some lovely set BBQ areas, some lovely woodlands and  great open spaces. Lots of great food was consumed and all the kids, including Anna and Sam, played together nicely while the adults chatted. Then, just as we were leaving, the heavy rains came, and set in for the night…….and on into the next day. Great. This summer seems to be shaping up to be a typical Scottish summer, after such a wonderful start!

In the Studio, I have just finished up recording and mixing my current client’s jazz standards album, and, after a few tweaks, I will be beginning mastering the album this week, then sending it off to the distributor for pressing and mass production. Then, after a short break I will have a client coming in to record his EP. So, for the time being, the Studio is pretty busy, and I’m LOVING IT! More work like this would be awesome! (You heard that, Lord, didn’t you?(!) )

Next up, after these production packages are done will be a video tutorial series, which I will shooting shortly, teaching music production techniques using the rather excellent production software Studio One 3 Professional, made by PreSonus.

The next month also will see a few visitors, including my great friend of more than 20 years, Pete Harwood and his lovely wife and kids, so posting updates may be problematic!

So……until next time…….


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