Time Flies!

Apologies for the lack of posts this month. Much has been happening to keep me busy.

I have been productive in the Studio on a few different projects, and then there has been the launch be PreSonus of version 3 of their amazing DAW Studio One, of which I am a very proud user. I help run a Facebook group for the Home Studio education business of my good friend Johnny Geib, and we have been very busy answering questions and addressing issues people are having with the new version. That’s the studio part of my life.

Family wise, we are gearing up for the summer holidays. This means two chapters of our lives are coming to a close. The first is that my daughter finishes Primary 1 at school, and my son will be starting Nursery in August. Suddenly, my kids need me that little bit less than before! How quickly the time has flown, and my kids have grown!

So, what is next for me? Well, I have some full production bookings coming into the studio, I have the possibility of a new band I may be joining, a friend is looking to offload some of her piano students to me……lots of good potential to grow and develop my business and make some money!!

That’s it for this post. Next month I WILL get two posts in, and I will be able to announce some really cool things that I must keep a top secret just now. Stay tuned: The future is VERY bright and VERY exciting!


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