Celebrations and Vacations

And we’re back!! 

After a fantastic short break away to my parents beautiful place in Cornwall, we have returned to Edinburgh. We had awesome weather, great fun and lots of laughter. Oh, and two epic car journeys, one which was more so than the other!

We went away for a break, and also to celebrate my Mum’s birthday, her 28th wedding anniversary to my fabulous step-Dad, and mine and Cate’s 8th wedding anniversary. Our kids, Anna and Sam had a wonderful time in the sunshine on their scooters, feeding the ducks at the boating lake and exploring the countryside.

Although there was much joy and celebration, there was just the tiniest tinge of sadness, for me at least, as it could well be our last visit to Cornwall for a long time, with my parents moving up to Scotland to be nearer to us in their retirement, it is unlikely that we will go down there nearly so much.

The County gave me a wonderful fresh start in life when we moved there in 1985, and gave me, through wonderful people like the late Bob Peters, a fresh injection of enthusiasm for the prospect of a future career in music professionally. It also gave me the possibility of playing competitive sport, namely Cricket, to County level, which had been previously unthinkable for me. So, as I said in my previous post, this was also a time for thanksgiving for me.

Now that we have returned, Cate has returned to work and I have returned to my two jobs: By day I am Dad-at-home to Anna and Sam, and by night, I am in my studio working on several projects for different people in the UK and abroad, and developing and expanding the business.

The next phase of the business that is coming up is looking more and more exciting, almost with each passing day, however, I must remain sealed-lipped on that for the time being, until the time is right. Then I shall announce it with much excitement and fanfare!

So, until next time……..