Happy New Era!

Well…..here we are in the nice, new and shiny 2015. This is the year of flying cars, hoverboards and being served beverages by Ayotallah Khomeni, President Reagan and the Late Michael Jackson in retro bars. While those don’t particularly excite me, the thoughts of power laces and self-drying clothes are far more appealing.

If you have absolutely no idea what I am on about, you will need to go and watch the Zemekis Brother’s 1985 classic movie trilogy Back to the Future. It’s a film favourite here in Lipsham Manor.

We hope and trust for you this years ushers in a brave new dawn. Not a new bunch of New Year’s resolutions (or even recycled ones!), but rather, a genuinely new era.

For us, that means – launching a revamped business, preparing our son Sam for going to Nursery school in a few of months time and a gradual trade off in workload and domesticity between me and my wife Cate.

What things will be shaping your new era? We will be leaving the past firmly in the past and refusing to live in a place I call “What if (twinned with If Only and We should’ve)” We are committed to our goals and plans, living in the present with a healthy eye on the future. We only look back to the past to reflect.

So, here’s to a forward-moving New Era – no regrets, and hanging tough when things may not go as well as we’d like, allowing all life-events to teach us and keep us humble.