Birthday Hobbles

October 9th saw me enter my final year of my Thirties. I had a really great day, full of blessings and surprises and a wonderful evening out with my wonderful wife, Cate, for a very delicious and filling dinner. The only down side of the day, and the days leading up to it has been a rather nasty and extremely painful infection in my left calf that flared up out of nowhere on the Friday before my birthday. It rendered me practically immobile and had the serious concern of a number of medics, including our GP. I was quickly prescribed some very aggressive antibiotics and hefty pain relief. These meds pretty much kept me in bed for most of the week leading up to my birthday.

By the grace of God, Cate happened to be off work on annual leave, which has helped speed up my recovery massively. As I write this, I am now able to hobble about for short periods, which is a good thing now that Cate is back at work. The antibiotics are working well and the pain meds are enabling me to hobble about keeping the kids occupied. I am still quite sore, especially at the ends of the days, but I am slowly recovering.

In other news, my studio computer is misbehaving quite annoyingly, rebooting inexplicably quite regularly, which makes working practically impossible. My good friend Jonathan Simpson has been helping me develop the website for the studio ( and has been hard at work trying to solve the computer issues. Hopefully, in the next week or two we will have it back up and running, hopefully, and I hope it will run problem free for at least another 18 months, as I cannot afford to replace it just yet.

The studio itself is undergoing a wee makeover. I will have some pics of the finished studio up here in the next week or two. I am excited about the studio business, and am confident that, once we have solved the computer problems, it will be a successful enterprise and will afford my very hardworking wife some time away from work to be with the kids and explore some adventures God has put in her heart. That’s the plan, anyway!

Those of you who pray, please pray for my studio business – that I get plenty of clients, students and session work – enough regular work that I can release Cate into some of the things God is calling her into. Those who don’t please do encourage us with your thoughts for us.

Can I please encourage all of you to visit the studio website – – and spread the word!

Until next time……..see ya!


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