Just Four More Days…….

In Four days time, the people of Scotland, the country within the UK where I live, will vote in the most important poll in British polling history. We will have to answer the serious question that will, regardless of the outcome, change Scotland and the United Kingdom for ever; should Scotland be an independent country?

The answer that the people of Scotland give to this question will very likely bring about an end to the 308 year long Union as we know it today. It will do one of two things: it will either, strengthen the bonds between the Four Home Nations, while at the same time leading to greater governmental powers to them; or it will lead to the formal dissolution of this mighty Union forever.

Either way, the Union as we know it today WILL change.

Over the years since devolution began within the UK, there has been a growing voice for modernisation of our Union, perhaps into something far more modern, like a Federal Union – The Four Home Nations self-governed with regional assemblies within them, within the strength, security and skeletal structure of an overseeing central Government that provides a strong framework constitutionally, acts as a final check & balance fiscally, and provides the political Union required to support a formal currency union. This political union is what we have now fundamentally.

Independence for Scotland would not provide any political union that would provide full access to the British institutions like the £ with the Bank of England as central Bank and Lender of Last Resort. Scotland could use the Pound with no central band or lender of last resort.

Panama is an example of a country where this happens with the US Dollar. The Nationalists would like to see this happen. What they conveniently overlook, however, is that Panama has been bailed out 17 times since 1973 and had 9 cash injections by the US Federal Reserve. Clearly, this currency arrangement does not work and is FAR too risky. But this is the option favoured by the Nationalists, because they know, as evidenced by the Eurozone crisis, a currency union without political union and an agreed economic policy universally is as flawed as the Panama option. Their final option is to join the Euro. This is flawed as well. The EU regulations clearly state that a new joining member must have a central bank and have it’s own healthy currency, with a track record of at least two years.

With all the banks and major businesses, in the event of a Yes vote, either vowing to leave Scotland or be forced to raise their prices due to the loss of being able to spread costs across the whole UK, the vision for Independence is looking daily more and more like it did at the start – like building a new house on the sand. When the storms, high winds and high tides come in, without these vital foundations in place, the house will be destroyed.

For me, these are the reasons that I am voting NO to the Question of independence. I feel very confident and certain that the vast majority of Scots, and Scottish residents will do the same.

In conclusion, the Union MUST change and MUST modernise, in my opinion. This Referendum has forced the issue, and forced the pace for the beginnings of a new age of our Union. I do not want to see our Union, that we have built over the last 308 years, and defended with our blood, sweat, tears and our lives, destroyed for ever. But I do believe, that if we are to prevent that from happening, we, the people of this Great United Kingdom, unique in the world, must come together as ONE to modernise it and bring about a fairer, more balanced Union.

A new Union where the dark tones of Nationalism are never again given the chance to be heard again.

I apologise that this post is WAAAAY more serious and weighty than any previous post. But this is my expression of my passion for our Union. Once the NO vote has been secured, normal service will be resumed!

See you all on the flip side…….