A new Earhole…..

Clan Lipsham has entered a new phase, a new era: Our daughter Anna began her education career today. Admittedly, she was only in school for an hour, but during that hour, she was missed! She was all dressed in her uniform and ready to go pretty early this morning. As she said herself, she’s been waiting for this day for two years!

When she came home with her Mummy, Cate, I was not sure who was more tired out – Anna or us! For the remainder of the week, Anna will be in for just the mornings and then, next week, the real adjustment comes! Anna will be at school 0830-1430 each day except Fridays when the kids get a half day off. It may seem like a small thing to you, dear Reader, but to us, this is HUGE! 

In other news, the Studio website is progressing nicely, albeit slowly, as things have been manically busy here with projects and adding to the studio gear. I hope to have it up live soon!…..Promise!

Anyhow………until next time……have a great week/month/time-yet-to-be-determined……… 


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