Weird Weather and Website Developments

The weather in the UK these last couple of days has been extraordinary.

The web is replete with spectacular and awesome pics of lightning, and stories abound of roads and Cricket fields flooded knee deep within half an hour. One friend I spoke to was in a Cricket match, he was batting and had just played the ball into clear space and was looking to run two runs. The heavens spectacularly opened as he turned for the second run. He ran to the end of the pitch where he had played the ball and kept running, as fast as possible for the pavilion, along with his batting partner and the fielding team. Barely twenty-five minutes had passed, when the two teams, the umpires, bar staff and caterers and my friend were running again. This time FROM the pavilion! It was flooding, as flood water from the Cricket pitch came under the doors!

My friend managed to get to his car and drive out of the ground and up the nearby hill. There were two bright flashes of lightning, which struck the scoring hut and deafening thunder claps. And as suddenly as it had started, the rain stopped. The Cricket ground was under 2 feet of water!! Amazing!

In completely unrelated, and far less dramatic news, the new website for my recording studio – Jonny Lipsham Studios – is rapidly heading in the direction of its launch. I am really excited about this venture and about the future for me as a musician, producer and mixer; and for what this business can do for me and my family – especially for my very hard-working wife, Cate.

I will share more and more on this venture as we go forward.

Thanks for following my journey. It’s been amazing so far, but there are so many more amazing things to come. Care to join with me?

In the words of a very wise man: “come with us, we’ll do you good!”


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