Welcome, folks, to my blog! After not using it for about two years, rather than writing a massive “filling in the gaps” post, I decided to completely start again, in the hope that I might actually keep at it this time! Here’s hoping!

Anyways…..current news…..

I am now running my home recording studio as a more professional business. Check out the studio Facebook Page for more info (https://www.facebook.com/jonnylipshamstudios).

I have had the studio in a variety of forms since 2003 – crickey! Eleven years! – but have done little with it until 2011, when I began working on learning materials and audio resources for MusicTech Solutions. In the last couple of years, with my daughter growing up fast and my son being born, it has moved venue in our apartment a few times, but it is now settled in the spare bedroom. It has had a couple of upgrades of recording software, mics and monitor speakers, and is due some new acoustic treatment shortly, so it should be extremely possible to make some great recordings, mixes and masters; and hopefully some happy clients! I’ll have a new website for the studio up live shortly, so keep an eye out for that.

I am also doing some freelancing work as an online session musician. This is an aspect of my studio work, that appears to be growing nicely and has prompted me to promote my studio more widely.

My wife, Cate, is working very hard in her job as a senior Midwife, and being a fantastic mum to our two children. She has my profound and utmost admiration for the very difficult job she does and trying to get the work/life balance happy.

Our daughter, Anna, is four and a half and is growing up too fast! She has now finished at Nursery school and will be starting at Primary School in August. She is really excited and…..really daunted too.

Our son, Samuel, is now 2 and a half, and will be beginning Nursery school, hopefully in April 2015. He has a real talent for comedy, drama and music. He is growing up fast too! Both of our children have already phenomenal mastery of sarcasm, which can be very impressive and a little scary at times too. The family humour will live on for a couple of generations at least!

All in all, life is good. Finances are tight, but we are doing okay and trying to provide a great quality of life for our kids as much as we can.

So, this brings us up-to-date! Hopefully, in the next post, I will be able to unveil the new website for my home studio!

Until next time…….


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