Unless You Live Under A Rock….

Hey friends!

The last month has been INSANELY busy! In the UK, as most of the world will be aware, we had a referendum on remaining/leaving the European Union. Whilst also being very busy with work, and the kids school years drawing to an end, I have been voraciously campaigning for a Remain vote.

Sadly, and much to my amazement, perplexion and complete bewilderment, the people of the United Kingdom voted, by a very narrow majority to leave the European Union. At present, I have been so bowled over by this result, I have yet to form a rational, cool and objective response. As a result this post will end here. Apologies. Normal service will resume in due course.


Belonging To Tomorrow!

The EP is OUT! Yaaaay!!! Three months of hard work, and the EP sounds EPIC!

The EP is called “Belonging To Tomorrow“, and is available from my new online store HERE


This time, I went for a somewhat different pricing policy. I have been reading and hearing a lot about a strategy often referred to as ‘name your price’. The idea is that artists allow their audience to decide how much the work is worth to them. So, we are talking about VALUE for money. If the consumer thinks my music is worth something, and I am worth supporting in creating more music, then they will invest in me and my work over the long haul; while it remains completely possible for him/her to also edit the suggested price to zero and get the EP for free if they so choose.

I decided to create two different editions of the EP: a standard edition (Name Your Price) and a deluxe edition (Fixed Price). Here’s how each is different:

Standard Edition – EP in either High Quality mp3 or HD wav formats 
                                   –  PDF Liner Notes

EP Standard Edition Store Pic

Deluxe Edition – EP in either High Quality mp3 or HD wav formats 
                              –  PDF Liner Notes
– 24 minute “Making of….” video
– selection of photos taken during tracking sessions.

EP Deluxe Edition Store Pic

I am very pleased with the EP. I really actually believe that this represents my best work to date as a songwriter, recording artist, musician and also as a mixing and mastering engineer.

I took a very fresh and different approach to the songs this time around, through all phases, I worked hard to try and make all that I have learned and gained from my influences and make it my own, with my own sound and my own way of doing things.
I think I have made some big leaps forward with this record. The next one will be even BETTER!

I am planning on releasing an EP every year from here on out, and also a full length album every two years or so.

So, dearest Reader, please go and check it out HERE. If you like what you hear, please consider purchasing it. I would really appreciate it a LOT!

Until next time……………


Many Apple Logies

So….it has been a couple of months without a blog post. Sorry about that! Has everyone been well? Good!

What have I been up to the last two months? You ask. Well…..Mostly I have been writing  a bunch of new songs,and then recording and mixing them for a new EP that comes out on May 8th at 8pm (UK time). I like the number 8. Not sure why though.

That has been the main focus of my time. The EP is called Belonging To Tomorrow and features myself plus guest musicians from the UK and around the world. My good friend George Gibson has create some awesome art and graphics work for the EP, for which I owe him way more than just his fee!

Wanna take a wee look?…………..



I have already pre-released a song from the EP for free, which I posted to Soundcloud, to give folks a wee fore-taste of the record……


Tomorrow night, I will be mastering the record ready for release on Sunday, and then on Friday and Saturday I will be creating the bonus content for the “Deluxe” version of the EP.

So, this Sunday, May 8th 2016, this blog will be dominated slightly by celebrating the release of Belonging To Tomorrow. Until then……………. Take care, folks!

There Is No Fork….

Bent Fork

Hey folks! Apologies for the  delay in posting another episode of the blog. Been a busy time here!

So, you are probably thinking that my bizarre title may be vaguely related to the movie The Matrix, where the main character, Neo, is challenged to see his reality from a different perspective. A kid is apparently bending spoons with the power of his mind with incredible ease. Neo goes to watch him, amazed and intrigued. The boy says to him:

“Don’t try to bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead, realise the truth: there is no spoon. It is not the spoon that bends, it is YOU.”

I admit, I was kind of thinking about that film and its fascinating philosophical ideas. But not entirely. You see, I have seen Uri Geller apparently bending spoons in a similar fashion. But……I have never seen anyone attempt to bend a fork.

Now THAT is interesting! Why not? I have no idea. Where am I going with this, I hear you ask. To which I reply, “Pardon? Speak up a bit.”. Seriously though. I do have a point.

Life can be tough and perplexing a lot of the time. Things that you think should work out, don’t; and things that you think never will happen do, for better or worse. So, what am I learning from life at the moment, with all the confusing things and frustrating things that happen along the way? I am learning the valuable, more valuable than gold, lesson that life is one long opportunity-laden learning experience. A chance to discover something new about myself, about God, and about other people; and how I can learn better to get on with all three parties!

All too often, I face a disappointment or set back with a grumble and a “how dare you!”, rather than a, “well, that is totally gutting, BUT……teach me! What can I learn from this, and how can I develop better for the next time? What does this teach me about me, about God and about other people? What does it teach me about how I handle situations? How can I handle them better? I want to learn! I want to grow! I want to be better at being me, and better at interacting with the people I care about the most: God, my family, my friends, my Church family, my neighbours, my fellow Edinburgh citizens.

Now, I do not do at all well in social situations. I find them extremely stressful and hard. And I end up exhausted by them at the end of them. But, I have, in recent years sought to deliberately put myself in those kind of situations. It is my way of bending the spoon, so-to-speak.

Do you, dear readers, have ways in which you seek to “bend the spoon” of your lives? If so, or even if not, leave a comment below. I am really interested in beginning a discussion on how we face our challenges, and how we allow ourselves to keep humble and have a teachable heart.

Until next time………..

New Year, New Era….

Happy New Year, belatedly, to all my readers! Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings, rants and musings over the last year. I appreciate your support, and I value your comments on the things I write about, so please keep them coming.

2016 has got off to a racing start! The decorations are down, the kids are back at school, and our normal routines are re-established. In some ways, this year will be just like last year, but there are some exciting new things on the horizon for us.

We also have to finally close the book on our life connected to Cornwall. At last, my parents have finally found a buyer for their house and will very soon by moving up to Scotland to be much closer to us! That is exciting, and we are seriously glad it is happening, but there is a wee tinge of sadness about this book coming to an end. Cornwall has been a MASSIVE part of my life, even though I left there in 1994, I have regularly summered there. I began my music career there. I had the best music teachers in Bob Peters and John Austin, who encouraged and inspired me enormously. I would possibly not be doing what I do now, if it had not been for them. I was encouraged by my Dad to get into Cricket at a very early age, and, down in Cornwall, I had some great coaches who provided some wonderful opportunities for me to play for my local club and explore playing at county level. Although I no longer play the sport, due to a number of injuries, I still love to watch and write about Cricket. If I could name but two of those coaches, I would like to thank Nigel Bishop and Dennis Roberts for encouraging me and giving me chance to shine.

On the studio front, I am working with a client on his forthcoming EP, I am continuing to work closely with Johnny Geib developing songwriting training resources and content and I am also working on my own EP, which I am aiming to release in the Spring this year. I am looking to fill my diary with a lot more clients this year and really develop the business in to a successful profit-making concern.

2016 is shaping up to be an amazing year! We are looking forward to seeing all that God will do in and through us as a family, and all the adventures we can get ourselves caught up in! If that interests you – and I will be documenting it all right here – then, please, follow me! Subscribe to this blog, my studio YouTube Channel, check out my Studio website HERE…….AND….please leave your comments!

Until next time…….See ya!

“Super To Be Six” and a Headlong Dive

Apologies for the absence of more frequent posts recently. Things have been VERY busy, and there have been a couple of illnesses in the family. All are now well, though, which is a great relief to us all.

So, almost 4 weeks ago, my daughter Anna turned 6 years old. It amazes me how fast the time flies by! We ensured she had a fun-filled day on her birthday, and then that weekend, we organised a ten-pin bowling party for her and 12 of her friends. All had a wonderful time and the staff at the bowling centre were pretty good, in spite of the centre being very busy.

My wife Cate has been phenomenally busy in her work as a community midwife, and she has been working a lot of extra hours while some of her colleagues have been unwell. And, at the same time, she has been amazing with Anna and Sam and me. My wife is, without doubt, awesome!

On the studio business front, I have been super busy. My good friend Johnny Geib and I have just launched our new joint venture, called Lipsham & Geib: Songwriting Simplifiedin which we aim to provide top-class training in the art and craft of songwriting, mostly for beginners, de-mystifying it and giving budding song-smiths a good foundation in the tools and skills of writing a great song.
With this venture now gone live online, I have been very busy creating content with Johnny.

Also, in the studio, I am working on my next EP, which I aim to be releasing early in the new year. My current client, Bob David Bell has just released his Christmas Single “Receive Your King”, which was recorded, mixed and mastered in my studio. You can go HERE to get it for £3, £1 of which will go to the excellent charity Circle, and their Inner School Social Education Project – a worthy cause I am proud to commend to all my readers.

Next – Christmas! I will likely post a very short Christmas message and then recommence this blog in January 2016.

A huge thank you to YOU, my dear readers, for reading my blog and engaging with the content I post here. In 2016, I will be changing things up a wee bit with some more extra content and integrating different media.

Until next time…..a very merry Christmas, and may 2016 be a year stuffed to the rafters with amazing blessings!