A long time……again!

So, here we are after another hiatus. What’s been happening? Well……lots and….err….not lots is the honest answer. On March 6th, my incredible wife gave birth to our son Samuel, with no pain relief whatsoever! Her guts and determination was so impressive. Fortunately for all, especially, Cate, it was a short labour. Sam is 6 moths old now, and hitting all targets for growth and development gleefully to the boundary. His sister Anna adores him and loves playing with him. 

We enjoyed another fabulous summer at my parents’ gorgeous house again, but did not have wondrous weather for the holiday, but we all relaxed and enjoyed our time together. We made contact with a Newfrontiers Church in Truro, Grace Church Truro while we are there. It is a small but joy filled church plant. They warmly welcomed us and we took their greetings back to our home Church – Kings Church – in Edinburgh.

Despite not yet having secured a teaching post, I am enjoying looking after my two kids. I thought I would not be able to handle two on my own, but have found that God’s amazingly sufficient grace meets me every day and enables me to manage, and enables Sam and Anna to have happy and enjoyable lives.

My album is progressing excitingly well, and the songs are sounding great. I have some great musicians and singers involved in it and their enthusiasm and passion for my music touches and impresses me deeply. The album cover is ready and looks great! My thanks to the very talented Jenny Wren for her hard work and imagination in providing a great pic that fulfilled my demanding criteria. I am still shooting for a December 1st release date as a DOWNLOAD ONLY from either http://www.jonnykeay.com or http://www.reverbnation.com/jonnykeayband. prices yet to be worked out.

In my next update, I will try to post some video of recording sessions. Until next time, folks! 

So here we are……

Here we are…..late posting again!! Very late indeed. When I explain why, I think, my dear reader, you will understand…

Anna’s 2nd birthday on November 19th was an exciting event and lots of fun for her, especially as she understands such events more fully now. At the end of the day she finally fell asleep, with a huge grin on her face, singing, “Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEE!!!” over and over again.

Christmas quickly followed suit and was a great event for her. She got some awesome gifts, including a play pram and a balance bike – one of those ones without pedals. She loved them immensely. Then, off to Glasgow for dinner with the in-laws.

This winter lacked the record low temperatures and  2ft deep snow we were promised, that Anna was looking forward to. Instead we had ONE morning with an inch of snow on the ground that allowed Anna to build two mini snowmen. Och, well!

The big highlight of 2012 that we are getting to know and get to grips with was the arrival, just after midnight on March 6th, of MiniLip #2, who is a wee boy (I say wee, but I really mean 8lbs 7Oz) who we named Samuel Jack. He is wonderful in every way…..except when he pees in your face when having a nappy change.

It is great having Cate around on maternity leave, as we learn quick how best to serve our son’s needs and get to know him. He is 7 weeks old now and weighs a whopping 12 lbs 1.5 oz! He smiles a lot and has a wee giggle regularly.

On the music front, recording for Album #2 – now titled Swings On Roundabouts – is well under way and progressing well. My 5 year battle with writer’s block is well and truly OVER!

Stay tuned here on “Life according to Lip” for more news, thoughts, meanderings, musings and wit. Also, please stay tuned over on http://biblicalbebop.wordpress.com for further updates on album progress. It is a blog I have not used for a wee while, but since I am recording and writing songs a lot, I will update it regularly at the end of recording sessions .

Thanks for sticking with me. Oh….and a big hello to new readers! You know who you are!


How the time flies!!

And fly it certainly does!! It is two years today since the birth of my daughter Anna. During that time I was working hard as a music teacher in West Lothian, the temperature was well below freezing and we had snow on the ground. Since that day much has happened in the life of Lip and my wee clan. I am currently no longer teaching but am writing and creating music education resources for schools and music academies around the world. And, probably more importantly, I have been having priceless one-to-one time with Anna as she has grown up. What an amazing delight and a priviledge it has been thus far!

Exciting times are ahead of us again as we anticipate the arrival of what we are calling MiniLip #2, our second child, and the promising career niche I am carving out for myself. Additionally, I am working on a second album which will be called Swings On Roundabouts (you’ll have to ask my wife Cate about that title! It’s her little saying!). Go and check out www.jonnykeay.com for more details about that (My singer-songwriter alter ego). I am recording this ‘baby’ in my studio, Jonny Lipsham Studios (unimaginative, I know!) at home here in Edinburgh. I am aiming for a summer 2012 release for this record.

My thoughts are now turning towards a very busy Christmas period with gigs with my Jonny Keay Band and celebrations with family and then early in 2012 I have some gigs with a fabulous singer called Heather Scott-Smith and prepping for the arrival of MiniLip #2 and working on the album.

Until next time!…..


Welcome to my blog! This blog will contain my thoughts, musings, wit, attempts at wisdom, ramblings and occasional rants on a wide variety of topics. I hope you find what I have to say useful, helpful, amusing, perhaps inspiring and encouraging.

I will cover issues such as contemporary politics, my views on current events, theological thoughts, music education, history and life as I approach 40 and being a dad of two in 21st Century Scotland.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing, and I hope it leads to much discussion and debate in the comments section below.